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Sensor Tracking Behavior in the Workplace

1:00 UTC

Designing for Teens' & Young Adults' Engagement with Digital Health

2:00 UTC

Bounced Checks at the UI/AI Intersection

3:00 UTC

Revealing Data: Creepy or Curious?

4:00 UTC

Human in the Loop Reinforcement Learning

5:00 UTC

Digital Technologies and Intimate Partner Violence

6:00 UTC

User Frustration with "User Engagement"

7:00 UTC

Making "Making" Accessible

8:00 UTC

The Future of Personal Computing

9:00 UTC

Howto Haptic: Supporting Design of Haptic Interactions

10:00 UTC

Learning to Code: Why we Fail, How We Flourish

11:00 UTC

Productive Efficiency, Ideology, and AI in Wikipedia

12:00 UTC

Design Fiction

13:00 UTC

Beyond Personalization Using Platforms

14:00 UTC

Computational Ecosystems

15:00 UTC

Tools for Creativity: The Story of Paper, Pencil, and Paste

16:00 UTC

Explorations into Embodied Knowledge and AR/VR

17:00 UTC

Antisocial Computing

18:00 UTC

Crowdsourcing for Machine Learning

19:00 UTC

Solving Photo Mysteries with Expert-Led Crowdsourcing

20:00 UTC

Advancing Collective Innovation

21:00 UTC

Taking AR to Task - Explaining Where and How in the Real World

22:00 UTC

Creating, Sharing, and Privacy - Designing Social Technologies for Older Adults

23:00 UTC

Designing Community Engagement

24:00 UTC

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